Saturday, March 26, 2011

Slovenia and Fatherhood

The dark cold season of winter is finally retreating in Eastern Europe, which is to say the least, is very exciting.  I have not looked forward to Spring this much since 2001.  Hungary has the lovely winter combination of Minnesota cold and Washington clouds.  The weather recently has been pretty nice, lower 60s and sunny.

Emily and I went on our first European road trip (if you don't count the failed Croatia trip last July (see earlier post)) this month to Slovenia.  To be perfectly honest, I did not know the difference between Slovenia and Slovakia before arriving in Budapest.  Slovenia is the Slov country that was formally part of Yugoslavia.  The country ROCKS!  Seriously, it reminds me of Colorado with all the cool mountain towns but with European charm (did I just write charm.... better than "cute").  The people are very friendly and welcome foreigners.  We visited two mountain lakes, the first is Lake Bled which is a famous vacation site and the second is Lake Bohinj which felt pretty wild with no roads around most of the lake.

We hope to go back to Slovenia before we leave Hungary.  Our next trip will probably be next month with our friends Kam and Lauren when they come visit!  We are loving being able to travel around Europe.

FATHERHOOD..... its becoming more real every day now that Emily is showing more.  We have started deciding what "baby items" we "need" to buy.  Emily bought me the book for expectant fathers titled "My Boys Can Swim" which is a pretty funny book.  One of the chapters is about the baby stuff and says "beware of the baby peddlers".  I have to admit, some of the stuff is pretty cool.  "Pack'n Play" sounds deceptively lame, but who can't see the usefulness of having a portable crib/playpen.  

Emily and I have tentatively worked out our plans for the summer.  We are coming back to DC to have the baby and will be there from August 1st - Sometime in October.  I'll be doing a month of training in August and then will be waiting for the little millsling to make an appearance.  Anyone reading this wants to come visit, let us know!  

Any fathers out there have any advice on what baby items we actually need or any other advice, let me know!