Saturday, February 26, 2011

Geneva With Friends

Last weekend Emily and I hopped on a plane and made our way back to Western Europe.  This particular trip took us to Geneva, Switzerland!  I did not know much about this city besides it being the location of several international organizations (WTO!!) including the League of Nations (thank you President Wilson).  I was pleasantly surprised that this was a beautiful city with very friendly natives.  The first day we took the train up to Lausanne which was farther north on Lake Geneva.  The second day we spent the day with our good friends, Mitch and Michelle (they are getting married in May, woo hoo!).  They spent the next week skiing about an hour outside of Geneva.

On Saturday morning, we were walking to the train station on our way to Lausanne and saw this guy.  How many times have you seen a guy with a light saber, cape, Russian cap, and sun glasses?  Oh, and he was rambling in indistinguishable Arabic (well... all Arabic is indistinguishable to me, but I swear it was gibberish).
We loved Lausanne!!  It is a not so small town northeast of Geneva on Lake Geneva.  It has a wonderful lake front area where you can see the French Alps on the other side of the lake.  The Saturday we were there, the lake had a fog over it which limited the visibility of the Alps, but it did make the sailboats on the lake seem like they were floating.

There was also a very cool old medieval part of town which had a cool church and castle.  In that area was lots of shops and we ate at a wonderful French restaurant which was awesome!  Its a serious social faux pas to show up to dinner before 7:30, but if you're ok with breaking social conventions, you will get the whole restaurant to yourself.  We arrived at 7:15 so we had the whole restaurant to ourselves... for 15 minutes.   Sunday we spent the whole day with our friends exploring Geneva.  There was a very cool church on the hill were we got an awesome view of the city.

We then took a closer look at that cool fountain and then took a boat tour which we got to see the city from the lake.  We then had an amazing dinner where the only choice you had was how rare you wanted the steak (rare or REALLY rare).  The steak was amazing which was a treat because the beef is not so great in Budapest.  We had a wonderful time in Geneva with our friends and it was awesome to spend some time in Switzerland.  One funny story about the bathrooms in Geneva.  Many of the restaurants have codes on their bathroom doors.  We went to McDonald's because Emily really had to use the WC (that's bathroom in Europe...).  I went to order and she went to track down the WC.  She came back immediately and said she needed the secret bathroom password.  "What?"  We asked the McDonald's burger giver and they showed us that the secret password was on the receipt.  "Of course....."  We ended up at Starbucks the next day (we collect the city mugs now, thank you John and Jamie).  We found the WC had the same secret code so we asked the caffeine pusher what the secret WC password is and his response was: (insert funny British accent) "There is no code, just push the door. If it does not go, push harder."

Thanks for reading, if you want to see the rest of our Geneva photos, click the below link.

Geneva Photos


Matt and Emily

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