Friday, November 12, 2010

Disney Castle, Beer, and Board Games

Its dark, really dark outside.

Did you know that Budapest is on the same latitude as Bemidji, Minnesota? Me either, but I
do know that it gets dark here around 4:30 and we still have over a month to go of decreasing light. It has taken Emily and me awhile to get used to the dwindling sunshine.

Travel! We love it, which makes sense why we joined the Foreign Service. We found ourselves in the land of beer, brats, and over the top castles last month. Did you know that Munich is the capital of Bavaria? And when I say Bavaria, I mean the idealized version of Germany that Disney gives us at Epcot. I seriously thought that all of Germany and Europe for that matter is like Munich. People in that city still wear lederhosen! Its awesome. I met this guy at one of the beer halls,
not really but here is me in front of the most famous bar in the world, or so the t-shirts they sold told me.
There were a ridiculous amount of people in the "beer hall" and they even had one of those bands with an accordion. We also went to the "Disney Castle", otherwise known as Neuwachstein Castle. Unfortunately, we went the one day of the year where the place was fogged over to the point we could not see it outside of 10 feet. It did give us one cool shoot walking through the main gate. We did not get too discouraged and improvised with a little souvenir stand (see the castle over my left shoulder? Yeah... me either).

We also went to Vienna, Austria last weekend. We did not have the same love for Vienna as we did for Munich. The lack of pretzels and beer was downright disturbing. We went to an art museum and saw famous Italian Renaissance paintings. Don't get me wrong, those guys could paint back then. But if I don't see another winged baby angel in my lifetime, I would consider myself blessed. (Oh, and by the way, Cherubs are NOT baby angels, thanks Raphael....).

I love board games. Emily and I met a missionary family here in Budapest, The Partins, who have two cute girls (and one on the way). Dave Partin, also loves board games almost as much as me. We have set up a weekly gaming night while our wives are at Bible Study. Its great fun, I have not played this many board games since college. Last week we recreated the 1960 presidential election. I was Nixon and unfortunately, history repeated itself.

Emily and I are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving in Athens, Greece (sorry friends in Georgia). We are also looking forward to a four day weekend in December where we will visit Stockholm, Sweden. I will be sure to bring my long johns for that trip.

If you made it this far, please drop us a message on this blog or send us an email!



  1. Glad to hear you're having fun, but sorry to hear you're suffering through fog (like we are in Seattle). Tell me Matt, what's the best beer you've had there? Here's my recommendation: See if you can find a Flemish sour or a Berliner Weisse.

  2. Keep up the posts! It's great to hear/see what you're up to. I hope that you're playing the "Puerto Rico" game (I think that's what it is called, right?).

    Take care and we'll talk soon!
    Adam, Loly, Carmen, Leo, and Inca

  3. I loved your rambling post, Matty! We just got a new game called Arkham Horror. Have you heard of it? We'll bring it to ATL in January so we can play it together. We haven't had a chance to play it yet :( but we hope to soon! It's a mystery collaborative game. I love hearing about all of your fun travels! We love you guys!