Friday, July 23, 2010

Trip to Balaton

Last weekend we went to Lake Balaton, as Matt wrote in our last post. We went to visit our friends the Blochers, who were there in the town of Keszthely ("Kest-hey") for the month volunteering at a camp that Campus Crusade for Christ puts on every summer. We went to a waterpark with them and their two kids on Friday and also visited the camp and met lots of awesome folks! It was a great weekend. Here are some pics.

Zalakaros water park

Neat old hotel on the lake


Feeding the ducks (but not swans, as sign said not to-this turned into a game as you can imagine)

Replica of an old steamboat that we took a cruise on
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Location:Perczel Mór St,Budapest,Hungary

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  1. Matt & Emily -
    Just found your blog and I am anxious to follow it. My wife and I spent 3+ years in Budapest from 2005-2008, and we did love it. I am very confident that you will too as you get more accustomed to the place. Interestingly, I was there as a trailing spouse as my wife was attached to the Embassy. My wife is now retired, and I am shortly entering the Foreign Service Officer orientation class in September and will shortly become a freshly minted FSO. I would be over the moon if I somehow scored Budapest as my first assignment (extremely unlikely). So, I will follow your blog to live the Budapest experience again vicariously. Best wishes as you get more comfortable in Hungary.