Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

This morning we went to an Easter sunrise service that the church we have been attending hosted. Here are some pictures.

We missed our friends and family alot this Easter but had a great time spending time together today. Seeing the sun rise over the empty cross while standing on a mountain really brought home the Easter Good News for me this year.

We also had a ham that I bought at the produce/meat market behind our building and I made my dad's famous mac n cheese and lemon chiffon cake. It was such a feast! The hungarians are serious about pork and The ham was pretty much the best one I ever had.

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  1. A happy Easter to you both! I love the photos!

    There is some big movie being filmed there right now, starring that guy from the Twilight series. Have you seen any of the filming?


  2. Hi Rose, AH!!! Thanks for solving this mystery for me!!! There was a movie crew filming at a cafe right near our apartment the other day with all these screaming teenage girls standing around. Now I know why! :-) Happy belated Easter to you too!