Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring market

This evening Matt and I walked down to this adorable spring market. There are beautiful crafts for sale and delicious treats. Matt said it reminded him of Epcot Center at Disneyworld only this was the real thing! The last pic is of me holding a yummy treat - a hot doughy pastry thing covered in cinnamon sugar. Sort of like a pretzel but way better. The pic above that one shows how they are cooked. We had a great time - it might be my favorite thing we've done yet!

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Location:City center Budapest


  1. Emily,
    I love the spring market photos! How fun! Does it last all summer, or just during spring? Spring is always such a welcome season. It gives us such hope. Glad to see you with such a big smile. Keep up the great photos and blogs. It keeps us close.

  2. That is so cool! What a wonderful little market :) I love the photos. So charming!