Monday, March 22, 2010


So, I (Emily) am trying to discern what to do with myself for two years while here in Budapest.  I hesitate to write a post "all about me" but I could honestly use some help from people who know me in the advice arena. Plus, writing it down helps me to figure things out.  So, here it goes.  :)  There are lots of career options and no options all at the same time it seems.  Lots of potential, but nothing concrete so far.  Its sort of wonder-filled and good-for-the-soul and frustrating all at the same time to go through this process of taking a step back to look at my career from the big picture.  I am more thankful everyday to have this opportunity to do this.  I keep thinking about the career change/decision processes that many of my friends have gone through in the past few years though and their journeys have been inspiring to me! Here are the ideas that I have been thinking about- some for about 30 seconds and some have been rolling around in my head for awhile....just to give you a sample of how all-over-the-map things are at the moment!
-teach high school
-be a "stay at home wife" for two years
-try my hand at writing (fiction or nonfiction)
-volunteer to take veteran's cases before the court I used to work for
-do online training in graphic desigh/web development
-teach preschool
-volunteer with a missions organization in Budapest
-work for an international organization like the UN
-volunteer/work for an environmental organization (there are quite a few here in Budapest).

So, those are some of my ideas.  If anyone has any words of advice or encouragement for me, I'd appreciate it very much!  In the mean time, I am enjoying having time to think about this stuff and dream a bit and also am enjoying a slower pace of life here.  Matt and I have had such a blast getting to know each other better over the past 6 weeks.  We have spent so much one on one time together, which has been such a huge blessing to us and our marriage.

We miss you all back in the States!



  1. Oh what an awesome opportunity, Em!

    I recommend doing a little of everything - you can structure your day in such a way that you can do house stuff, ministry a few days a week, do some volunteering, an online class, etc. I think it would be hard to just pick one thing on the list. If I were in your shoes I would be babymakin' but you know, you're smart to have some newlywed time (sorry, I couldn't resist)...

    I also recommend taking lots of photos and doing a few blog posts a week on life there: the places, the people, funny stories, food, adventures, cultural lessons, etc. That way, it is your online journal.

    Have FUN whatever you do! Hugs!

  2. Justin says to write historical fiction about something that happened in Budapest that you could research. (side note: you could write the first prairie love story set in budapest)

    I say to work for an environmental organization (or have a baby!;). I would also love to read anything you write! I would steer clear of the preschool teaching and probably the high school teaching--I think you'd like teaching college but not the others...

    Dad says "to rekindle your interest in music by taking clarinet lessons by a Budapestian clarinet virtuoso in hopes of joining the Budapest symphony in a year."